As a Child…

I’ve enjoyed writing since a young child. So much so that I have always believed that I’ll publish books someday down the road. Also as a child, I enjoyed camping, fishing, and hiking in the mountains west of Fort Collins, Colorado. Weekend after weekend in my elementary years I got to experience mini-adventures. Trekking along a trout stream on my own, doing my best to catch lots of fish to be cooked on the campfire. Or hiking with the family to lakes further into the mountains hoping for more fishing opportunities. The sites were beautiful. The air and waters crisp and clean. And the excitement of the next adventure always made each weekend a new and delightful experience.

As an Adult….

I have continued to enjoy writing – journaling, a 40-page thesis paper about the Dalai Lama, non-fiction stories/articles for random online classes, etc. I’ve also continued to enjoy adventures. Sometimes they’re still weekend excursions seeking hikes and adventures in the great outdoors, though my fishing days have come to an end (story about that
another time!). My adventures are sometimes out and about locally trying new foods (and sometimes the bonus of trying a new wine!). I travel near and far in the United States. And I sometimes venture beyond the boundaries of the United States. No matter where I am or where I’m heading, though, my journeys all contain an unrestrained craving to see new things, try new foods and meet new people.

Sharing the Stories of My Journeys….

As I’ve shared my journeys with my friends and family through the years, some suggested that I start a blog. Well, that would alleviate the necessity of repeating the same stories to different groups. But what really is the fun of sharing stories just once? The information I’ve gained about certain places, the life lessons gained through each experience, and the hilarity of some the obstacles, situations, and people met along the way are definitely stories to be shared over and over!

But combining my enjoyment of writing and sharing my travel adventures all in spot? With the opportunity to share what I’ve learned along the way, either about a place, myself, or life lessons in general. Well, now that is a rather appealing idea. And this is why I started a blog.

So, Here I Am!

I’m excited to invite you to enjoy stories about my journeys. I’ll provide information and recommendations, advice on planning, and entertaining tidbits about people and places. When my journeys are at or near home, I’ll share recipes I’ve created in my own kitchen or lists of local places I enjoy  here in eastern Nebraska. And, when I land in my same trusted places over and over, I may have stories about the new people I meet. No matter my whereabouts, I’m always seeking something new and those are the things that I will be writing about in this blog.

My hope is that something here provides a spark that helps you on your own life journey. And then I hope to hear about your journeys and the stories you have to tell also!