Spring Break 2019 – Cancelled due to the Nebraska Flood. We were stranded in our neighborhood the same day that we had planned to pack the car and leave. We remained stranded for six days.

Spring Break 2020 – Cancelled due to Coronavirus Covid-19. This was the beginning of the pandemic. We stayed home and learned how to do our jobs and high school classes remotely from home.

Spring Break 2021 – Hopeful that “third time’s a charm”!

My son’s spring break this year does not land during our visitation schedule. Kind of a bummer after missing the last two years trips with him. But it is Adam’s 50th birthday in March, so we decided to look into traveling somewhere during his birthday week.

We considered “responsible” options because the pandemic is still in existence. We will not have time to quarantine upon our arrival, so any place requiring a quarantine was off the list. We are anxious to get back to New York City again soon, but the city requires a 14-day quarantine for those arriving from Nebraska. Anywhere known for college spring breaks was scratched since we want to avoid crowds and continue our practice of social distancing. Key West was tempting, but we read that a lot of Florida families flock there during their spring breaks. Other factors included safety, from both illness and society. We considered going to New Orleans again, but it was not the cleanest place the previous times we had visited. We also looked at Sonora, Mexico, but the warnings for crossing the border were enough to make us reconsider quickly.

I do not think Adam gave up on hoping for a spring getaway. However, I nearly gave up. Everywhere we considered gave us a reason not to go. The mind is a tricky thing too. Afterall, if you look for a negative, you can ALWAYS find a negative! Staying home is obviously the safest place. After reviewing positive things about some places, we did finally buy plane tickets yesterday.

We are planning to go to Tucson, Arizona in March!

Below are some things we considered when deciding to visit Tucson:

Flights – We have received helpful feedback from others who have traveled about the sanitation of airports and airplanes. The tickets can be changed if we decide not to go.

Car Rental – I will Lysol the bejesus out of it before we climb in.

Lodging – I have read a lot of reviews and will continue to until we settle on a property. I’m a “germaphobe” anyway, so I look for reviews expressing concerns about housekeeping and cleanliness.

Restaurants – Reviews are showing that social distancing and mask rules are in place, similar to Omaha.

Activities – Golf, Hiking, Sightseeing – All can be carried out with social distancing.

Overall, Tucson is not too populated and the climate is dry (typically better for illness, although we realize that Covid-19 does not have rules about humid vs dry climates). We wanted to go somewhere warm and it is about as warm as we can get within the continent of the United States.

Bonus Reason: I have been studying and experimenting more with foods in the last few months. Adam also enjoys learning more about foods and trying new flavors and restaurants. Tucson has received the honorary UNESCO designation of “City of Gastronomy”. There are several criteria that are met in order to be chosen as a City of Gastronomy. A brief explanation (per UNESCO.org) is that it is a city that maintains the culture and continuity of traditional foods and preparation techniques. The only other city in the United State to have earned this title is San Antonio.

More to come. I must get back to researching and planning!