When I think salad, I normally think – eh. I mean, I can throw a few veggies together and eat a salad. It’s a good, healthy thing to do. I actually like salads and, in fact, I really enjoy salads. But when I think of making something creative in the kitchen, salad isn’t the first thing that comes to mind.

Pictured is yesterday’s lunch. I got my first food delivery last week and ended up with more greens than we would typically eat in a whole month. And so, I decided to get a little creative and make a salad pretty enough for a picture!

Leafy Lettuce
Vine-Ripened Tomato
Alfalfa Sprouts (sprouted these on my own!)
Boiled Eggs – topped with leftover crumbled Bacon
Shredded Pepperjack Cheese (purchased in Wisconsin!)
Sliced Red Onion
Olive Oil and Aged Balsamic – drizzled for a little moisture and flavor

Naan – Small rounds warmed in heated olive oil in a skillet and dusted with Cajun seasoning. I like to mix my own “Emeril’s Essence” and the recipe is easy to find online.

Wa La! It looks pretty and it actually tasted REALLY good! Also, a little trick I used to enhance the look of the salad – I stuffed extra arugula under the edges of the tomato pieces and eggs so that they didn’t look sunken into the leafy lettuce!