I’m always up for taking a class. I’ve taken non-cred classes on interior design, feng shui, writing, maybe others. But today, I am taking my first class in the culinary arena! I’ve been cooking since I was 22. I didn’t own a paring knife until I was, you won’t believe this, 35? 40? I don’t know, somewhere in there. My uncle found out that I didn’t have one. He sharpened one of his own and gave it to me.

I did have a cheap knife set with some steak knives and larger knives since the late 1980s. I still have those steak knives, haha. (And I don’t even eat steak!) And somewhere along the line I acquired another cheap knife set. This one is also just steak knives and larger knives. And all of those are what I’ve used to cut stuff for cooking through the years.

This past Christmas, I got a couple of brand new “real” knives, including the pictured “chef’s knife”. And tonight I am going to learn how to cut stuff! The food list includes carrots, zucchni, potato, onion, garlic, spinach, and celery. If I can keep up with everything, I’ll take pictures!