I’ve never been much of a home body. I’ve always been in school or had a job. For many years, I did both! Even when I have days off when I could easily stay at home, I tend to find things to do. There’s certainly an adventure around every corner, but not at home!

So, the sudden halt in March 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic hit America, I was told that I had to work from home “indefinitely”. The state governor stipulated that the Nebraska population self-isolate. Most everyone cancelled travel plans and we cancelled our spring break trip. My work trips were cancelled, as were all the conferences we had signed up to attend. Even our restaurants that we like to frequent were closed and only offering take-out or curbside services. Our busy social calendar was suddenly open. At first we tried some virtual happy hours. I don’t know why but those seemed to fizzle out. A few times we met the neighbors in the park, practicing the recommended six feet of distance between each other. Those meetings also fizzled out. Honestly, it’s November and I’ve not seen some of my friends since February!

There seems to be constant talk about who has been tested. Who tested positive and who tested negative. Everyone has their stories about who they know whose had Covid-19 and the differences in the illness for each. A lot of symptoms are similar and just as many are different. This is a new and bazaar disease that our generation had not experienced until now.

And so, let me get to my point of this post. What began as a spring of isolation for me felt like long days and weeks and months. I filled my spare time with cooking yummy meals, coloring in my adult coloring book that my son got me years ago and I’d never touched, and cleaning out drawers and closets to the point of almost not looking like a hoarder. Then summer came and I could be outdoors. That helped. Helped a lot.

And then fall hit… the Covid-19 positive cases climbed quickly and the number of people I knew who tested positive climbed just as quickly. Whether the governor stipulated isolation again or not, there was no doubt in my mind that I did not want to be exposed. At about the same time, one of the food pages I follow on Facebook had a weekend “amuse bouche” food challenge. I wasn’t able to participate but the concept sparked an idea that is playing out well for me right now.

I know I’ve made so many plans for this website and life has tripped me up several times. The Nebraska flood of 2019 and the pandemic in 2020 were two episodes in my life I could have never foreseen. What timing to decide to start a blog! HAHA

But stay tuned, because I really am creating amuse bouches and having fun with it. I’m creating fun appetizers, soups, and entrees as well. It’s keeping my spirits high and my taste buds alive! I will start posting my creations with pictures and ingredients soon! (Pictured is the Thyme Mushroom Roll-Up!)