I bought this little diddy at a local cheese shop called “Northwoods Cheese Haus” in Papillion, Nebraska. The owners partner with private dairies in Wisconsin. I love Wisconsin cheese and I love this little shop. They find dairies that are still in love with the process. Ones that appreciate the originality of the flavor and still have the intent of pleasing their buyers. Nothing corporate about these dairies. For me, I appreciate a shop that allows me to enjoy new choices AND support the smaller farms!

Last weekend’s find was a bleu cheese made of sheepmilk. This particular one will no longer be made by the producer. I was told that the reason is because the process is a long one. I didn’t ask anything more about that. I’ll have to research making blue cheese and making cheeses from sheepmilk to see if it’s one process or the other that takes so much time.

Knowing I can never get it again, how could I not try it?! It set me back $14. I don’t see a weight on the package but it’s not a very big chunk. Once I tried the cheese at home, I realized that it will go a long way – it’s sooo pungent!

I decided to first try it on a salad, so I made a bleu cheese dressing with Greek yogurt, mayo, lemon juice and Worcestershire sauce. As the dressing set to allow it to unlock its flavors, I created a salad with leafy lettuce, arugula, vine-ripened tomatoes, avocado, and crumbled hickory bacon. Then I dripped the dressing over the top of heaping salad. I didn’t make very much dressing and barely added blue cheese because it seemed so strong. I figured I could add crumbles to my salad if I wanted more. Darn good thing I chose that route. The dressing was definitely enough and didn’t need additional crumbles! It could have easily overpowered the whole salad!

The creaminess of the dressing and avocado made it easy to hold all parts of the salad together on a fork. Each bite was a burst of all the flavors and the bleu cheese was a perfect accompaniment. I savored each bite and tried to evenly distribute each of the foods so that I wouldn’t run out of the perfect bites. Luckily, I was so full by the time my plate was empty that I wasn’t sad when the bites ended! What a truly enjoyable lunch!

I know I cannot buy this particular cheese again, but I now I have a little experience with a sheepsmilk bleu cheese. Every step is a new adventure that will lead to more adventures!