Ohhh, the holiday leftovers! There were only two of us at home to tackle a fridge full of Christmas dinner leftovers, so I decided to get creative (rather than get bored with the same old meal over the next three days!).

Idea for an Amuse Bouche:
I made a jalapeno cranberry sauce this time. The jalapeno adds a nice bite of heat to the tart sauce. It was a hit with two of us. The other two won’t touch cranberries anyway. I decided to turn the already good sauce into something even better. And, oh my lord, was it EVEN BETTER!

I made two amuse bouche bites in just a few minutes. I already had the cranberry sauce and cooked bacon.

* 1/2 slice cooked bacon – cut into 1/4 inch pieces + 2 tbsp cranberry sauce + 1 tsp cream cheese
– Heat above three ingredients in small skillet over low heat, Stir to blend and remove from heat once it’s hot
* 2 mini wheat crackers
– Spread a thin layer of cream cheese to each cracker “piece”, Spoon sauce on each (I had a little leftover, you want
it to be bite size!), Garnish with cut scallion
– Serve warm!

The flavors of this one definitely quality for my “Amaze” Bouche term (an amuse bouches that is amazing). ONE BITE WAS NOT ENOUGH, so dinner will include these again tonight.

Substitution Note: I didn’t have mini crackers, but I did have rectangle shaped crackers. They were
too big to be a “bite”, so I carefully used a knife to apply slow, steady pressure and neatly broke the cracker into two.