What is Roam with Robin?

Intentionally creating mini-escapes and big adventures.

Since I was in my early 20s (before I had enough money to consider traveling), I have found ways to getaway as much as possible. I don’t always have time for actual vacations, so many of my adventures are created in my day-to-day life. I create moments that are mini-escapes from the daily grind. My soul is happy when I am able to visit places (old and new), eat different assortments of food and meet new people.

Escapes are good for us because they give our brains a break to redirect from the everyday monotony of life. When we clear our minds and let ourselves recharge, then we can more clearly focus on life goals that are important to us.

Roam with Robin was instened to be a travel blog with a sprinkling of intention. Life threw me some curveballs (Nebraska Flood 2019 and Coronavirus COVID-19 in 2020), so this blog was slow to start. Slowly but surely it’s been more about adventures created at home. My hope is the same, though – that you find creative ways to add escapes to your own lives.